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These songs were informed by and make reference to “You’ll Always Win” by Ever Ending Kicks, “Ooh Baby Baby” by Smokey Robinson, “Moon Honey” by Lindsey Mills, "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" by Otis Redding, and “Another Bleecker Street Song” by Wes Leslie.


released March 11, 2017

Recorded in San Francisco, California
Wes Leslie: guitar, voice
Mae Powell: voice on Oh My Golly Gosh
Seoulstice/Jordon Jo: additional guitar on Oh My Golly Gosh, May Day (Union Song) and Wes Leslie’s Dream Sequence
Evan Oberla: trombone on May Day (Union Song)

Mixed and mastered by Aki Ehara at Sleepy Wizard Studios
Cover photography by Anastasiia Sapon Photography
Album design by Stephanie Escoto
Many thanks to Jordon Jo for feedback and encouragement




Wes Leslie San Francisco

Wes Leslie sings bedroom soul music.

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Track Name: Oh My Golly Gosh
What if the only white lines that I’m active seeking
Were the fingers that you use
When you hold me with feeling?
And I don’t nose coke bumps
In Kilowatt’s bathroom stalls
For they only ever gave me numb passages at all

What if you don’t get onto that plane home
And I don’t sleep alone?

You say you really love me, well take me to Madrid
Where all the other girls in the world, they won’t give a shit
And then without distraction all upon my Malasana flat
We’ll brim with all the love we share, and I can be content with that

What if you don’t get onto that plane home
And I don’t sleep alone?

And when my bed stands still
As it’s prone to do when all the white girls
In SF proper are gone
I’m waiting for the aftershock
Yeah, I’m waiting a lot
For you to come back home

Tell me you won’t get onto that plane home
Then I don’t sleep alone
You say you can’t quit calling if you’re never at home
I won’t sleep and you won’t sleep
And we won’t have to sleep alone
Track Name: Your Sister’s Apartment, Brooklyn, 2014
I’m writing you from your sister’s new apartment
I like the view, and I like her too
And so I thought I’d say it

“Good things only come to those who make it”
At least that’s what she says when she gets naked

On Fridays when the weekend’s only starting
We’ll take a walk through Prospect Lefferts Gardens
She tells of hell and horrors from the office
I draw parallels to my writer’s block then drop it

“Life only gets better before it ends”
At least that’s what your sister always says
And in terms of believing, well I tend
To savor every word your sister says

I spent all summer on my knees
Your sister isn’t hard to please
She likes her truth, trust and honesty
And her fire escape view of the city
But when all is said and done
We’re always having our fun
And even though I claim I don’t believe in love
Well your sister, she’s as close as it can come
Track Name: Sitting On The Roof Of SFAI
On a sunny afternoon of loss
I find myself thinking of the costs of it all
It was here you baked me cookies
Shaped like dinosaurs
And a mix CD with iji

Yet I never said I’m grateful
I never said I love you, it’s too late

I’d bike across the park
Trundle down Judah to the General Store
Where the only thing that’s sweeter than
Your sugar toast with cinnamon
Is shutting down the shop to fool around on your floor

But when Daniel found out
I won’t repeat the words that he said
Almost as bad as me drunkenly wasting your bed

Well it’s too late now
You got a boyfriend too
But I still want to say I’m sorry
For the shit I put you through

And now I’m sitting on the roof of SFAI
And I can see to Angel Island
So can I see you tonight?

I want to say I’m sorry, though I know it’s all too late
That was near five years ago
Now you’re near five blocks away
Working hard for your pay, then you’ll probably head home
But if you want to stop by and see the sunset tonight

I’ll say I’m sorry for what I done
I’ll say I’m sorry that it’s too late
Track Name: May Day (Union Song)
My generation doesn't talk about unions
All of our contracts say independent
It's a strange time to be alive, to be certain
Treat me like a friend, I'll ask you for benefits

It was on May Day, a day about unions
I thought of our own precious union

In a fit of inspiration, I stumbled to Union Pool
To ask if their membership dues go to SEIU
And that's when I saw you
You said, “Let's take a walk through the park after dark,
I was born here in Brooklyn, my backyard's McKibben,
So who are we kidding?”

It was on May Day, a day about unions
I thought of our own precious union

L, it's a labor of love with you
For the greater good, selfless love,
Oh the things that I'd do
L, what I wouldn’t give to pick up picket signs with you
It’s only time until we’re front lines, making headlines...
Track Name: Wes Leslie’s Dream Sequence
You’ve got Jesus, church and God
And I’m in love with marijuan’
I can be like in your dreams
And you can tell me what it means

Mary Jane like marijuan’
And Frances hooked on heroin
I nose coke bumps on Sixteen
And you interpret all my dreams

Chocodills and dandy-lions
You and me go death defyin’
Tangerines and lemon-lime
A simple home we’re gonna buy

Lia lady, lay with me
When morning comes where will you be?
Writing fuckbois lovers notes?
Am I the one you write the most?
Am I the one? Am I the one?