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With Ted Davis, Kady Moore, Kristyn Poehner, Cayla Harris, and Trader Joe's beer.

Artwork by the amazing Gillian Galdy.


So all my best friends got dead and arrested
I was blessed to have left when I did
And mom said if I’m a good girl
She can get me anything I please
But I want you and I’m on my knees...

And I told you
I’d be coming home for Christmas
Can I have a damn present?
Can I have a couple minutes of your time?
And I’ll be fine

So I emptied out my bag and
Set it by the front door, said,
“Take me. I’m your brother. I’m your whore.”

Just like the time we did before
From the car to the lake and the liquor-
I mean grocery-store
I’ll be here, and the blah blah blahs will start again

All my best friends got dead and arrested (I was blessed)

San Francisco won’t miss me. My wingtips and vaporizer won’t be paraded through the streets like Emperor Norton’s casket was. Gavin’s shellacked combed-back hair won’t fly at half-mast as SFO turns into Madrid, but that’s okay. Hannah (fictionalized Heather) won’t feel any different when she awakes in the morning and I’m gone. Whole Foods will still have their vegan crumb donuts available and somebody else will start flirting with their cashiers, but not on my behalf. Okay, I take that back. To be fair, no currency has ever been printed with my name and face, a title, location and home base like the Bay where my artieries stay. If you straighten out my DNA, it can make it to the middle of Spain, grow brittle where the salt water crystals still remain, collect and drop into the Atlantic, freezes up over fucked America’s beautiful mountain range (but let’s not dwell too much on Twin Peaks, okay?).

All my best friends got dead and arrested (I was blessed)

Keep kosher, stay sober
We’ll hug it out til this blows over
I’ll even give you a cardigan so you can remember


released August 23, 2010




Wes Leslie San Francisco

Wes Leslie sings bedroom soul music.

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